1. Identification Data 
First name
Affiliation, including address

 2. Topics for Workshops 
Villages, small towns, cultural heritage and memory
Quality of rural life, rural way of life
Rural depopulation and abandonment
Rural economy towards the multifunctional countryside
Rural human and social capital, role of creativity
Countryside and current urbanization processes
Role of tourism in rural development
Is suburbanised countryside still countryside?
Possibilities of development in borderland and mountain peripheries
Rural landscape and changes of its macro and micro-structures
Rural landscapes as places for renewable energy production
Countryside in Europe and worldwide: a comparison
Role of LEADER and community lead local development in the rural development

 3. Social events 

Yes, I intend to participate in following events (payable separately):

Villa Tugendhat
Dinner Event
Excursion in the Brno surroundings
Whole-day excursion to the eastern Moravia
Half-day excursion to the southern Moravia